The Artisan

Il Mondo di Dea / The Artisan


Maria Teresa Caccavale holds a degree in Political Science, but she has always been fascinated by the art world and has been cultivating her passion for twenty years now. She started her activity for fun, painting on fabric and creating products for her friends only, but later she decided to specialize in the field by attending several private courses where she learned new painting techniques, such as ceramic painting and cuerda seca. The artistic education led her to use different materials and to have a wider range of costumers, deciding to dedicate herself not only to decorations but also and especially to product customization, in order to create a unique piece every time. Her activity was born with a classic style, but she has developed a more modern one over the years by taking inspiration from several artistic movements – such as pop art – excited by the use of bright and vivid colors. The artist has participated in several craft fairs all over Italy, such as the one in Arezzo, and especially in Campania where she carries out her successful activity. In fact, she has taken part to the Christmas Markets at Castello di Limatola in Benevento, to the Bidonville Antiques and Craft Fair in Naples and to the Street Artists Fair in Moio della Civitella.

The inspiration
Every great story is the result of an intuition.

 The artworks by Il Mondo di Dea draw inspiration from both classic culture and modern style, managing to satisfy the most different requests. According to the artisan, color is the muse capable of transmitting energy and communicating feelings: a real self-sufficient language which doesn’t need words and becomes the vehicle of a kaleidoscope of different emotions. The search for what is next in terms of lines and materials is constant, along with the desire to get involved and make innovations, while taking into account fashions and trends in accordance with the artisan’s exclusive style and the client’s personal taste. Every wish becomes the starting point for the creation of a unique piece.